About Popup Star

Q: What is Popup Star?

A: An industry sponsored contest to bring clinical trial awareness to the masses by challenging industry stakeholders to lead teams that will create the ULTIMATE clinical trial community awareness event!

Q: Why is this contest needed?

A: Clinical trial awareness and participation remains in a critical state with less than 5% of the population participating. We need to encourage clinical research as a care option and we need to do more than just raise awareness: we need to create a lasting commitment to the promise of research.

Q: What cities will the contest take place in?

A: We will be releasing a list of target cities but teams can suggest the city they would like to plan their event in. This contest is open globally!

Q: How will the teams be judged?

A: Judges will be embedded in each event to score teams using a standard judging form that will evaluate:

  • # of attendees
  • Diversity of the team
  • Creativity (event, recruitment, format, etc.)
  • Innovation (event, recruitment, format, etc.)
  • Ability to create pull through after the event
  • Amount of coverage leading up to, during and after the event
  • Attendee scorecards pre and post meeting (standardized for all events)

Q: Who are the judges?

A: The final list of judges is to be announced but will include patients, academics, clinicians and R&D industry leaders.

Q: Who are the sponsors?

A: Popup Star is brought to you by the team at Greater Gift & is powered by FCBVIO. Our flagship sponsor is Eli Lilly. Check back for the full list of sponsors!

Q: Is there a prize?

A: Bragging rights, media opportunities, and the honor of making a significant contribution to the research community! Additionally, 3 finalists will be brought to New York city for the award ceremony and live broadcast of the winning team announcement.

Q: What's up with the #Pinksocks?

A: Many of the organizers of Popup Star are part of the pink socks tribe started by Nick Adkins. Learn more about the movement here or watch Nick in action @ TED here

About the Teams

Q: Who can lead a team?

A: Anyone can lead a team however teams must be made up of a minimum of 3 to ensure the team is equipped to complete the event should the primary lead be unable.

Q: What is required of a team?

A: Teams are responsible for:

  • Securing venue and logistics
  • Securing secure all funding sponsorships above and beyond seed money (5K per team)
  • Securing any speakers and exhibitors
  • Recruiting the audience
  • Teams may conduct paid media using funds they raise, though they must use templated recruitment materials/talking points
  • Teams may secure earned media
  • Everything else to make it special (a celebrity, food, format, etc.) is at the discretion of the team!

Additionally, teams must be willing to engage with the larger awareness event by participating in social media, video, print, and other awareness activities to be outlined on the team orientation call.

Q: How much seed funding will be provided?

A: Teams will receive $5000 each to help them begin planning the event.

Key Dates, Logistics and Rules

Q: When will Pop Up Star take place? What are the key dates?

A: Pop Up Star will take place over a 10 day period in April of 2018.

  • Team sign up begins: 11/15/17
  • Teams finalized: 1/15/17
  • All Team Kick-0ff Orientation Call: 1/30/18
  • Teams announced at SCOPE 2/13/18
  • Individual Mentor Calls: Feb/Mar 2018
  • Events held: 4/1/18 through 4/10-18
  • Finalists announced: 5/1/18
  • Award Ceremony in May TBA!

Q: How will Popup Star be executed?

A: Popup Star will rollout in stages:

Phase 1: Team Formation

  • An all-call will go out for team leaders from industry
  • There will be an informational website to house information and social media feeds/videos, etc.
  • Teams will be selected for each city
  • Team leads will be paired with mentors, patients (former/current CT participants), and sites in pre-identified cities who will become part of their team

Phase 2: Team Education and Planning

  • An all team briefing via webex will be conducted to reiterate the rules and Q&A, teams then work to develop their event per the rules
  • Check ins, videos and social media feeds will be utilized to create a series of web episodes to raise awareness – like episodes of Celebrity Apprentice (without President Trump, Martha Stewart, or Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Phase 3: Event Execution

  • Over a 10 day period in April of 2018 teams hold the events
  • A judge will be embedded at each event to complete a common scorecard
  • 2-3 Finalists are brought to an award ceremony in NYC and the winner is reveled to all via a broadcast stream


Q: What are the rules?

A: Teams must:

  • include a minimum of 3 identified participants to be selected for a city
  • include a broad group of stakeholders including former or current clinical trial participants, researchers, physicians, study coordinators, etc. Teams will be scored in part based on the diversity of their team
  • may wish to include a ceremony thanking research participants and providing information on how individuals can take part
  • must employ a mechanism for following up with attendees post-event (outlined by the Greater Gift)