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Clinical trial awareness and participation remain in a critical state with less than 4% of the population participating.

As teams develop and plan their events cultivating long-term attendee engagement, they will be asked to update us on their progress so that the greater clinical trial community can share in the process and get excited about what they may learn.

Over 1500 people were exposed to clinical trials through the events in the 2018 competition and we hope to increase the exposure and awareness in many communities again.

Team events will kick-off on May 20th in conjunction with Clinical Trials Day! Teams will be invited to participate in a live finale event where ONE team will be crowned winner — but in the end all win when more people have access to another viable option for managing their health.

Why PopUp Star?

What if every stakeholder in healthcare and research could participate in creating awareness for clinical research as a care option?

That is what the #PopUpStar contest aims to find out.

  • How can different grassroots community-based events have an impact on awareness for clinical trials as a care option?

  • What methods will help us better engage the community?

  • In what ways might we create champions for research long after these events are over?

  • How can we improve root cause issues that affect participation in research such as literacy?

During the competition, diverse teams will compete to design and implement a novel event in their community that is inclusive of all stakeholders — patients, researchers, clinicians, advocacy organizations, academic institutions and healthcare payers. Each team will be provided seed money to help them with their events.

If we can get ALL involved we will uncover new insights and find a path forward for grassroots adoption of clinical research as a care option.


This is your invitation to be part of an all-in community-driven movement to bring the value of research to ALL so…